व्रत के दही वड़े | आसान और टेस्टी दही बड़े घर पे नवरात्रि | Navratri Dahi Vada recipe | Chef Ranveer

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Feast & Fast go hand in hand.. when you eat mindfully every day food can be a feast too. Check out this amazing recipe for Dahi Vade made with Sama ke Chawal or Barnyard Millet and let me know how you like it 🙂

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Preparation time 10 minutes
Cooking time 20-25 minutes
Serving 2

For Batter
½ cup Barnyard Millet, समा चावल
2 tbsp Curd, beaten, दही 
¼ cup Sago pearl, soaked, साबूदाना
Rock Salt to taste, सेंधा नमक स्वादअनुसार 
½ tsp Sugar, चीनी
1 tbsp Sago pearls, soaked, साबूदाना
2-3 Green chilli, chopped, हरी मिर्च
½ inch Ginger, chopped, अदरक
2 tbsp Coriander leaves, chopped, धनिया पत्ता
4-5 Raisins, chopped, किशमिश
¼ tsp Fruit salt, फ्रूट साॅल्ट
½ tsp Oil, तेल
Oil for frying, तलने के लिए तेल

For Soaking 
2 tbsp Curd, दही 
½ cup Water, पानी
Rock Salt to taste, सेंधा नमक स्वादअनुसार 
½ tsp Sugar, चीनी

For Chutney 
2-4 Green chilli, हरी मिर्च
¼ cup Coriander leaves, धनिया पत्ता
¼ cup Mint leaves, पुदीना पता 
2-3 Cashewnut, काजू 
Rock Salt to taste, सेंधा नमक स्वादअनुसार 
1 tbsp Curd, दही 

For Curd Mixture 
1 ½ cup Curd, beaten, दही 
Rock Salt to taste, सेंधा नमक स्वादअनुसार 
1 tsp Caster sugar, कॉस्टर शुगर 

For Tadka 
1 ½ tsp Oil, तेल
1 tsp Cumin seeds, जीरा
5-6 Cashewnut, काजू 
5-6 Raisins, किशमिश
1 Green chilli, slit into half, हरी मिर्च
½ tbsp Peanut, मूंगफली

For Garnish 
Curd mixture, दही का मिश्रण
Green chutney,  हरी चटनी
Pomegranate pearls, अनार के दाने
fresh Mint leaves, पुदीना पता 


For Batter

In a bowl, add barnyard millet, curd, and sago pearl. 

Add rock salt to taste and sugar, transfer this into a grinder jar and grind it into a smooth paste. 

Transfer the paste into a bowl, add sago pearl, green chilli, ginger, coriander leaves, raisins and mix it well.

In a small bowl, add fruit salt, oil and mix it well. 

Transfer this mixture into a batter and mix it well. 

For Frying
Heat oil in a kadai, fry small portion of the batter in medium hot oil. 

Fry the vada on medium flame until it’s cooked from inside. 

Remove it on a kitchen tissue. 

Dip the fried vada into the curd water and soak it for 15-20 minutes. 

Now gently squeeze the vada’s and arrange in a serving dish.

Garnish it with curd mixture, green chutney on top of it. 

Add pomegranate pearl, mint leaves and prepared tadka on top of it and serve. 

For Soaking 
In a bowl, add curd, water, rock salt to taste, sugar and mix it well. 

Keep aside for further use. 

For Chutney 
In a bowl, add green chilli, coriander leaves, mint leaves, cashewnut, rock salt to taste and curd. 

Transfer this into a grinder jar and grind it into a smooth paste. 

Keep it aside for further use. 

For Curd Mixture 
In a bowl, add curd, rock salt to taste, caster sugar and mix it well. 

Keep aside for further use. 

For Tadka 
Heat oil in a non-stick pan, add cumin seeds and let it splutter well.

Add cashewnut, raisins, green chilli, peanut and saute it well. 

Keep aside for further use. 

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