3-Ingredients Watermelon Icecream | Eggless Ice Cream | No-Icecream Machine | Kunal Kapur Recipes

This ice cream can be made with 3 simple ingredients, is eggless and made without an ice cream machine. Sounds interesting? Watch this recipe to learn how to make this awesome, yummy recipe!

I have shared a lot of watermelons recipes on my channel including watermelon sorbet, chutney, halwa, sabzi, drink and more. I have also shared different techniques to cut a watermelon. What was left is ‘Watermelon Icecream’ and today’s recipe is just going to be about it!

Nice yummy, silky smooth and creamy ice cream made with fresh watermelons. #watermelonicecream #watermelon #summerrecipe #easyicecreamrecipe

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00:00 Introduction
00:38 Recipe begins
02:44 Cream
04:30 Assembling Cream, Puree & Condensed Milk
06:30 Pouring into the mould
07:30 Plating Icecream
08:45 Kunal’s Tips & Tricks

Ingredients: (Serves-4)
3 cups Watermelon Juice
400ml Dairy Cream or Whipping Cream
¾ cup Condensed milk
1tsp Vanilla extract
1½ tbsp Rosewater
A dash Pink Food Colour
Handful Pistachios Roasted

For a detailed step-by-step recipe, click here: https://www.chefkunalkapur.com/recipe/watermelon-ice-cream/

Few #TipsandTricks on ‘How to pick the right watermelon for this recipe?’:
✅ Pick the melon. The melon should feel heavy for its size.
✅ Check for any visible holes or damage. Also if the melon is too soft to press then don’t buy.
✅ Never cut the watermelon to check the sweetness as you never know how dirty the knife is!
✅ Tap the watermelon in the centre, a thumping hollow sound means it is ripe.
✅ Usually, a dull-looking melon is ripe rather than the shiny one
✅ Light veins or dried web-like structure or lines on the outside of a melon generally means it is a sweet melon.
✅ Yellow spot does not mean it is bad, yellow soft occurs when the watermelon sits on the ground and that part does not get sunlight.
✅ Sometimes melons are artificially ripened and hence they are not that sweet, but this is not the case always.
✅ If the melon is not so sweet you can add some honey on top and serve.

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