How to make Khichdi Kebab | Leftover Recipes | Kunal Kapur Indian Snacks Recipes

Khichdi can be made very interesting, especially if you have saved some from the last night. Here is a quick recipe that makes the leftover khicadi into a veg kebab.

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Clam Recipes For An Iron-Rich Diet

Clam is a mineral-rich food with many opportunities for appreciating. The recipes below are a couple of quick dishes utilizing fresh clam. You may replacement for tinned clam if fresh clam is not offered.

Iron Rich Liver Recipes

Liver is an effective iron abundant food yet lots of people do not understand how to prepare it well. Below are some quick and very easy liver suggestions for someone battling with an iron deficiency Liver and also Bacon: Usage one extra pound of beef liver, cut, with the membrane eliminated. Set the liver in a casserole meal as well as cover each item of liver with one or two strips of bacon.

Spiced Baby Artichokes

Right here is a terrific option to ordinary artichokes that my mom utilized to make. These are tender, delicious, as well as not hard to make!

Lobster Recipes – Mouth Watering and Healthy Seafood Recipes

Amongst the easy recipes for lobster is the lobster curry. What you require is a lobster, 2 onions, an ounce of butter, a table spoon of curry powder, half a pint of stock, and some lemon juice. Get rid of the meat from the shell as well as cut it into items. You can do this after you put the onions to fry in the pan with some butter. See to it that the onions behave and also pink and also clear prior to you do include the other components. Include the curry powder and also the stock and allow the mix to simmer for some time till it enlarges.

How To Cook Chelo Nachodo

“Chelo Nachodo” is truly the Covering term for chicken and chick pea stew with rice prepared in a way inherently “Afghan”. This meal is assumed to have its beginning within the very early Jewish society and also later spread to the Arab world. Whatever the instance may be, you are sure to find this special “hen stew” an unique treat from the Middle East.

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