Kolkata Style Aloo Chicken Biryani | Kunal Kapur Rice Recipes | कोलकाता चिकन बिरयानी आलू वाला

Calcutta or Kolkata Style Chicken Biryani is a traditional biryani recipe that is influenced by various cultures, especially Awadh. This recipe explains how to prepare Fragrant rice with Kolkata Style Special Biryani Masala.

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5nos Potatoes (medium)
a generous pinch Salt
to shallow fry Oil
a pinch Turmeric

25nos Cardamom
25nos Cloves
(dalchini) (1”) – 4nos Cinnamon
(all-spice) – 20nos Kebabchini
Caraway seeds – 1 tbsp Shahi jeera
(Javitri) – 3nos Mace
(jaiphal) – ¼ no Nutmeg
(optional) – 10nos White pepper

1kg Chicken
to taste Salt
½ tbsp Ginger paste
1tbsp Garlic paste
1½ tsp Chilli powder
(dissolved) – 3tbsp Saffron
1tbsp Kewra water
1tbsp Rosewater
4nos Bayleaf
2tbsp Kolkata Biryani Masala
½ tsp White pepper powder
1½ cups Curd
4nos Boiled Eggs
1 tbsp Desi Ghee

1cup Oil
2cups Onion sliced
Fried onion oil

3 lts Water
3tbsp Salt
3cups Basmati rice (soaked)
handful Cardamom
handful Cloves
2nos Bayleaf
3-4tbsp Fried onion oil

1 tsp Kolkata Biryani Masala
handful Fried onions
Leftover rice water – ½ cup Ittar
¼ cup Milk
3tbsp Saffron
2tbsp Kewra water
1 tbsp Rosewater
1drop Ittar
2tbsp Desi Ghee
for Sealing Dough

For a detailed written step-by-step recipe, click here: https://www.chefkunalkapur.com/recipe/kolkata-chicken-biryani/


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00:00 Introduction
00:39 Recipe Begins
02:39 Biryani Masala
04:10 Chicken Marination
05:24 Browning Onion
06:22 Cooking Chicken & Potato
08:02 Cooking Rice
09:23 Assembling Biryani (Dum)
11:00 Kunal’s Tip & Trick
11:56 Revealing Biryani


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