Masala Chai Recipe | चाय का मसाला | Masala Tea | Monsoon Recipe | कड़क चाय | Kunal Kapur Recipe

Are you a tea lover? Most of your families and friends troll you for your love of tea, if yes then you share the same pain with most of the Indians.

Our days begin with a sip of tea and end with it, no other drink in the whole world can compete with its taste and fragrance. #MasalaChai is one of the tea beverages made by boiling black tea in milk and water with a mixture of aromatic herbs and spices. Masala Chai is an #IndianSpicedTea made with whole spices and milk. Many Indians like to have tea in the morning or during the evening.

Keeping this in mind, I have come up with the absolute homemade masala tea recipe.

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00:00 Blooper
01:16 Introduction
02:02 Recipe Begins
06:18 Importance of water in the flavour of the tea
07:19 Recipe (Contd.)
08:11 Pouring Masala Chai
8:36 Kunal’s Tips & Tricks

Masala Chai
For Chai Masala
Cardamom – 15nos
Cloves – 5nos
Peppercorn – 5nos
Cinnamon Stick (2”) – 1 no
Nutmeg – a small piece
Saunf – 1tbsp
Rose petals (dry)- 3tbsp
Ginger powder – ½ tsp

For Masal Chai
Water – 4 Teacups
Tea Leaves – 4tbsp
Sugar – 4tbsp
Milk – 2Teacups
Chai Masala – ¾ tsp

Extra Shots (Leftover Recipe)
Masala Chai Custard using leftover tea.
Serves 4
Leftover Chai (strained) – 4 Teacups
Milk – 2 Teacups
Cornstarch – 2tbsp
Water – a dash
Vanilla extract – 1tsp
Sugar – 2tbsp
Chai Masala – ½ tsp (optional)
Almonds chopped – 2 tbsp (for garnishing)
Cocoa powder – 1tbsp for garnishing

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