Paan Milk Shake | 5 Minutes Chocolate Paan Shake | Summer Drink Recipes | Chef Kunal Kapur

Bring together the old romance of Betel Nut leaves or Paan and Chocolate for a delicious Shake or a Chocolate Paan Latte recipe. If you are a chocolate lover or a Paan lover you will surely like the recipe! 🙂

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Paan Leaves – 4 nos
Cherry Glazed – 6 nos
Vanilla Ice Cream – 3 scoops
Crushed Ice – 1 cup
Toothpick – 2 nos
Gulkand – 2 tbsp
Saunf (candy) – 1 tbsp
Milk (cold) – 1 1/2cups
Chocolate Syrup – for garnishing

– Tear the paan leaves into smaller pieces. In a blender add the leaves, gulkand, 4 no glazed cherries, saunf, vanilla ice cream, milk and crushed ice. – Blend it till it is smooth. In a tall glass pour chocolate sauce on the sides of the glass.
– Pour the chilled latte into the glass and serve it immediately.
– Garnish with a glazed cherry in a toothpick.

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