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Craving for a delicious plate of biryani but too lazy to follow up with the long process?
Here’s a recipe of easy Briyani Rice that will give you a perfect taste of authentic biryani flavours in every bite. Trust me, it’s too good!

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Biryani Rice
Prep time – 10mins
Cooking time – 25mins
(Serves – 4)

For Soaking Rice & Saffron
Basmati Rice – 3cups
Water – 2lt
Saffron – a pinch
Milk – ¼ cup

For Biryani Stock (jhol)
Oil – ¼ cup
Bayleaf – 2nos
Cinnamon (2” piece) – 2nos
Cloves – 7-8nos
Peppercorns – 8-10nos
Cardamom – 10-12 nos
Javitri whole (mace) – 2nos
Shahi jeera – 2tsp
Onion sliced – 1½ cups
Green chilli slit – 2nos
Garlic roughly chopped – 1½ tbsp
Ginger roughly chopped – 1½ tbsp
Orange (kinnu) – 1no
Mint leaves – 1 small bunch
Water – 6cups
Salt – to taste
Rosewater – 1tbsp
Kewra – 2tbsp
Meetha Ittar – 2drops
Ghee – 2tbsp


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00:00 Introduction
00:51 Biryani Masala
04:23 Role of Orange in Rice
04:58 Liquid Gold
05:38 Boiling Rice
07:12 Tips & Tricks while cooking rice
10:54 Revealing Recipe
11:13 Plating Biryani Rice

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