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Enjoy the most amazing and mouth-watering fruits of summer in this brand-new episode of Tang-Tail. Made with Berries, Mint and Honeydew Melon, this refreshing summer drink is simply epic! So get ready to hydrate yourself and your family with the lip-smacking Tang Lemon Melon Duet.

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~Tang Lemon Melon Duet~
(Serves 2)
Honeydew Melon – ½ no
Mint leaves – a handful
Vanilla extract – ½ tsp
Tang Lemon – 4tbsp
Water – 3cups
Mix Berries (frozen) – ½ cup
Sugar – 2 tbsp
Water – a dash

Garnish (optional)

– Mix together melon, tang lemon, water, mint leaves and vanilla and blend it into a puree. Now freeze them till it completely freezes.
– In the meantime mix together berries and sugar. Put on low heat covered till the berries become pulpy. Remove from heat and puree them.
– Remove the frozen melon tang and add it to a blender and blitz it till it has fine ice crystals. Quickly add the berry puree to the glass and top it up with the iced melon. Serve immediately.

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