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Dear Me,

This video took 41 years to make…what can I say!
Life is a journey and I too am a part of it.

I have so much to fill you in.
You grew up just as any other normal kid would with your amazing parents, lovely sister, friends and family.
Growing up was sure fun. So much to see, experience and learn!
Alongside school and college happened and then your journey began.

You learnt a lot, stressed a lot, met a lot of people, lost a few.
You always felt like you are half awake while the world is actively working,
But that feeling will go away soon. You will feel like you belong.
You will get your fair share of opportunities and good luck.
Your purpose in life will be bigger, better and of course different from others.
One thing will always remain true to you, that is your love for food!

Don’t worry about anything in life, just keep on moving..because more than motivation it is the discipline that matters.
You won’t be at the top always, but surely you will be a part of the list.

Dear me,
Just love yourself and trust the process.
You will be everything you deserve!

Dear me,
Happy Birthday. 🥂


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